A Different Kind of Party

By Bryan Luhrs

Block Party 2016“When it’s time to party, we will party hard!”

I’m fairly certain, Andrew W.K., the songwriter of “Party Hard,” wasn’t thinking about the Epic Block Party when he penned these words. But if the world can “party hard” in silliness and debauchery, we, the church, can have a Holy Ghost party whenever we gather. Whether in a church building or in a public park…


“For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”
Matthew 18:20 NKJV


By now, most of you already know that Epic Church is hosting a community block party on Saturday, June 4th from 12 noon to 3 pm. This is not just an opportunity to fellowship as a church; this event is critical to the ministry outreach in Fountain Hill.

The mission of Epic Church includes “being a life giving force through active involvement in the local community” and sharing “a commitment to the local community and will give back with no-strings-attached.” Although I don’t personally live in Fountain Hill, I see the impact this church is having here. On Sundays, I see people from all walks of life. Some of them enjoy the service and enter into worship. Others are just thankful for a warm, dry place to spend a few hours and drink coffee. Either way, there is an amazing culture of acceptance and love toward this community. This party is an opportunity to give back to the residents of Fountain Hill AND make them aware of all the great things going on here. They may come to the party for free food, music and games, but they may leave with a desire to find out more about Epic Church, what we are all about, and, ultimately, the reason we do it all: Jesus! This could bring more potential people to our services, after school programs, and youth events. This could bring more excitement and patrons to The Twist and Ground Level Cafe. Bottom line: we are throwing an “Epic” party to bless the people of this community and show them the love of Jesus.

“What can I do to help?”
There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer during the event and to donate supplies or finances – these are important elements to a successful outreach event. The Lord may or may not put on your heart the desire to volunteer and/or donate. Not everyone is called to do this, however, there are still other ways that you can play an integral role in the event. (If you’d like to volunteer, you can sign-up here.)

Invite Your Friends and Family
If you are able to attend the event, this is a way you can be an impact. You never know what an invitation can do to start the process of a life-changing experience in someone’s life. We would love to see 500 people at this event and really make our presence known in the community.

Pray for the Event
Whether you are able to attend or not, this is a way you can be part of the heart of the event. This is the undercurrent of the event and critical to its success and impact. It doesn’t matter if you are a prayer warrior or been a follower of Christ for a week, there are lots of things you can pray for:

– Pray for the hearts of the community
– Pray for the leadership of this Church to be ready for the harvest
– Pray for the weather, so that our opportunity draw in people can be maximized
– Pray for the musical artists: Mr. Weaver, Rise My King and High Tides
– Pray for the volunteer committee leaders: Andrew Salib (Food), Ray Garcia (Music), Andrew Heath (Sound Tech), Jude Chase (Face-Painting), Mark McNamara (Tournament Games), Sarah Lindemuth (Carnival Games), Nykea Alvarez (Inflatables), Chris Gunderman (Set Up & Tear Down) and Debbie Bozes (Donations)
– Pray for the local business to support the event through donations and sponsorship
– Pray for the schools that they will be a vehicle for kids and families to hear about the event


Thank you all for supporting the work of Christ through Epic Church to the Fountain Hill Community and throughout the world. Looking forward to an “Epic” Party on June 4th!