SOE Agonis 1-71816Adam: “I grew up in church in the area and have known the Lord since I was young. I was an only child, and I took to studying the Bible on my own from a young age. I’ve never had a serious crisis of faith; I always had this intuitive sense confirmed by own experience and knowledge that the Lord was real. I knew He was there, and I knew that the Bible was His word. I have been involved in church groups and ministries until God took me to China where I met my wife at Shenyang University. I’ve gone there to teach and use it as an opportunity to share God’s love. A year later, the school’s former Japanese teacher had left, and Yasuyo, the new Japanese teacher, moved in next door.”

Yasuyo: “I grew up in a non-Christian family in Japan where Christianity only represented 1% of the population. I went to the Philippines after I finished my education and was teaching Japanese. I was around many Christians, and some of them took me to a Catholic church. I didn’t know much about Christianity, but I felt peace. I hadn’t committed myself as a believer yet when I left. I went to China, and it was a very busy, stressful year. I got sick with pneumonia and became depressed. I knew I had to get out of the city, because I didn’t have hope and couldn’t see my future there. Then, my friend from SOE Agonis 2-72016college told me about an open position teaching position in northeast China. I thought maybe I’d stay there for a year and move back to Japan. I met American teachers who were missionaries and became close to an older female teacher. She wrote down 1 Corinthians 13 in Chinese, English, and Japanese, and put it on my refrigerator. I was thinking, ‘Why did she do that?’ But gradually, my heart started opening, and she suggested that we could study the Bible together. It was through that that I committed myself as a believer, and this was the beginning of my faith.”

Adam: “We are foster parents and are currently between children. When we started coming to Epic, we had a three-year-old and had come to the Foster Adopt [Kinship] Support Group. We felt that the church would be understanding of our foster son, and when we brought him to Epic, he really enjoyed the Sunday school. When we went to church ourselves, we also really enjoyed it and loved it. We could sense where this church’s heart was at. We didn’t need to visit three times; by the first week, we had made the decision that Epic was the church for us.

“Our foster son was taken into the custody of his grandparents in March, and shortly after that it was Mother’s day. The separation between us and our little guy was hard for us. Yasuyo plays keyboard and one of the songs we would often play and worship to while he SOE Agonis 3-72216would sing and dance along was Here I Am to Worship. We’ve been going since October and we never sang that song in church. But on that Sunday, on Mother’s day, Kate decided to play Here I Am to Worship. And that was God showing His love for us in exactly the way we needed it.”

Yasuyo: “It was truly the biggest event where we had to rely on God. When we said goodbye to our foster son, I asked him, “What will you do if you have trouble?” I was expecting he would say ‘I will call Yasuyo!’ but instead, he said ‘I will ask God.’ ”


If you’d like to learn more about the Foster Adopt Kinship Support Group, visit their page here.