I doubt any of us have had zero doubts.  Especially on days like April Fools day, we need a healthy dose of skepticism to make it through life.  And yet there comes a time when it’s time to put doubt aside and trust.  In John 20 Jesus meets Thomas in the midst of Thomas’s doubt, but calls him to make a move.  Doubt can paralyze us and we were made to move!  And yet as I go about the world I meet many people who can’t seem to move beyond doubt.  Whether you have doubts of your own about the resurrection or are helping some friends to work through doubt, I’d like to recommend the book Raised? to you.  It was written by one of my Gordon-Conwell Classmates, Johnathan Dodson, and his friend Brad Watson. It’s a great introduction to the Resurrection that may not answer all your questions, but will help you move past the paralysis of doubt and continue on your journey of faith.  Right now you can get a FREE eBOOK edition at their website.  I’ll see you on the other side of the river. –Pastor Brian