For those of you who think that making New Year’s Day resolutions are silly.  This day is for you!  Stick it to the man by creating your resolutions AFTER New Years Day!

We may laugh at those who start off with lofty goals knowing that they’ll most likely fail.  But isn’t it also true that “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”  Or as Mark Batterson tweeted “you will not accomplish 100% of the goals you do not set.”  It may be true that there is no magical property to January 1st that makes one more likely to succeed in a resolution, but we automatically fail at the resolutions that we don’t set.  So why do our resolutions fail?  Typically we don’t have an achievable plan for executing them.  Goals need to be measurable, achievable and have a time frame.  I’ll go to the gym every day doesn’t work because it doesn’t answer when you’ll go to the gym.  The more specific an detailed your plan is, the more likely it is to achieve it.

Last month about 22% of our church committed to spend regular time listening to God.  On our communication card we asked them what time and what days they would do this and what section of the Bible or devotional they would use.

How about you?  What goals do you need to set?  What’s holding you back?  Now’s your chance to take a slightly empty tradition and fill it with some new meaning.  New Years isn’t an obligation to change, it’s an opportunity.  Seize the Day.