We will be making up some care packages.  If you would like to contribute items (small cereal boxes, ez mac, fun games, snacks, etc), bring them along this Sunday Oct. 30rd.

You can help us make this outreach a success by bringing contents for the kids.  The kits should cost approximately $10 each to make.

No glass or breakable contents
No perishable items
Try to find items that won’t melt or freeze

Following are some suggestions from previous year’s packages.

Food: (All items should be individually packaged.)

High Energy drinks
Bottled water
Hot chocolate
EZ- Mac & Cheeze
Ramen noodles (a college favorite)
Small boxes of breakfast cereal
Microwave popcorn
Small bags of chips
Candy bars / brownies / cupcakes.
Packets of applesauce
Pudding cups
Fruit or granola bar

Spiral bound note book
No 2 Pencils

Other stuff:
Cheap toy (Fun mindless dollar store toy)
Duct tape
Shout wipes individually wrapped
Poster adhesive (sticky gum to put posters on wall)
Pack of tissues

Thanks for your help!