SOE Gunderman 1-71216I grew up a Methodist going to Sunday school, but my family stopped going for a while and my faith began to smolder. I was young and I needed Jesus in my life. I knew it, but my parents just didn’t care about going to church. Knowing this, I went for my confirmation, but soon after finishing the confirmation service, stopped going again. Through work, I met Mark, who would soon be a very close friend and a brother in Christ. Seeing the joy and love that he had for Jesus helped stir my faith again. I started going to a small group at Epic – eventually I made it my home church.


SOE Gunderman 3-71516When I was saved it was the most powerful moment in my life. After a few nights of praying about certain doubts, one night, God put so many of them in perspective and showed my doubts for the lies that they were. That’s the only way I really have to describe it.