Chris Weaver Friday 071715“Since youth, I’ve been doing music, and I think it was something that was given to me as a gift. I have a chance to do one of two things with it: use it to glorify God or not. I think ultimately, God is going to use that somehow through me. God doesn’t need us, but He’s willing to use us, and I think that during a time where Hip Hop is so attacked and influenced by the enemy and by sinful nature and things that are not worth glorifying – I think It’s time for a change, and I think God wants to put His people in the right places to use them.

“I think right now, [God is] just preparing me for whatever is to come. In my life with my family, with my job, with my music, He is continuing to grow me as an individual spiritually, mentally, physically for whatever the next step is. Whatever the next step is, I think I’m getting groomed for it.

“I think my biggest highlight is coming to God with the hardest thing to do in terms of trusting Him. It was always easy to live in the world and have God as the sidepiece. It was like the world offers what it offers but I got God to turn to when I need to. Eventually, God called me out of that and said “Drop the stuff you’re doing, trust me, come to me, and lets work,” especially with music because of how much I did love music. I thought, “God, how can I even give up the music I’m doing right now?” I didn’t pick up the pen for months once I did it. But I finally said, “Alright, God, let’s do it,” and the hardest part was just to trust Him. Now I’m doing what I’m doing for Him, and it’s almost been effortless how things have been falling into place once I’ve learned to trust God fully. That’s what confirms what God has put on my heart back then, but I didn’t know that I could trust at that time.

“Just [trust God]. Be in prayer and just take that step. You may not be able to see that step, but just take it. God will order it, especially if you’re called to it. That’s the only advice I can give because that was for me. That’s what I had to do.”