Colony House LogoIn our first feature, we would like to introduce the group Colony House, a fairly young alternative Indie Rock band out of Franklin, Tennessee. The band members are vocalist and guitarist Caleb Chapman, drummer Will Chapman and guitarist Scott Mills. Caleb and Will are the sons of contemporary Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman.

Will and Caleb made their musical debut with their father as the group Stevenson on “Veggie Rocks” – a compilation album of VeggieTales songs reworked by Christian rock artists. They began making music in 2009 as a band titled Caleb, and released their first EP under that name. They eventually evolved into Colony House releasing their first EPs before releasing their debut album “When I Was Younger” in the summer of 2014. They made their television debut on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers in September of the same year. Their lead single “Silhouettes” received airplay on alternative rock radio, appeared on the iTunes alternative charts, and was the most downloaded song on SirusXM Alt Nation.

Caleb and Will Chapman take much of their inspiration from the tragedy their family faced in 2008: their youngest sister Maria Sue was killed in a car accident by Will. While a devastating tragedy of this proportion may have brought an end to the artistic careers of many, Colony House continues to lean on God’s grace, using their story and their music to spread the Gospel, and bring incredible songs to their fans.

Colony House describes their sound as “rock n’ roll,” taking inspiration from bands like U2 and Cold War Kids. Their unique sound is crafted with the use of many fascinating elements. Their experimentation with percussion adds interest to their songs – often incorporating items like sleigh bells and mallet instruments. Many tracks feature background vocals that may not specifically stand out as main foundations, but add immensely to their sound. Catchy guitar riffs and tasteful synth hooks are finishing touches in creating their highly addictive songs. Deeper, rhythmic guitar riffs on the track “Keep On Keeping On” compliment the lyrical theme of encouragement amidst trials:

Colony House Members

  “Wake up brother, lift your eyes

  Feel the sun, see the light

  There’s a reason you’re alive

  Come on brother, lift your eyes

  Life is fragile, don’t you know

  Life’s a battle for the soul”




Colony House - When I Was YoungerWith grounded lyrics and solid musical compositions, it’s easy to love Colony House. If you’d like to experience their music for yourself, take a look at the music video for one of their most popular songs “Silhouettes” below. Also check out Nat’s favorite song, “Learning How To Love” and Kate’s favorite, “Caught Me By Surprise.” You can find Colony House’s music available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon, and stream their debut album “When I Was Younger” on Spotify.