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CBF_InpopSite_Image_LoThis mini-feature discusses the song “Walk Through The Fire”, a single by pop-rock band Consumed By Fire. The band members are Caleb, Jordan, and Joshua Ward – a trio of brothers from Wagoner, Oklahoma. In 2010, the band debuted with an independently released album, Something Real, and were off the grid for a few years until they released more new music in 2015.


“Walk Through The Fire” was released in March 2015 as part of the soundtrack for the Four Blood Moons movie. It peaked at No. 38 on the Billboard magazine Christian Airplay chart. Drummer and background vocalist Jordan says this song is largely influenced by Matthew 24. He continues to say that although the Bible gives many end-time prophecies that may strike fear in the hearts of believers, “we have such a blessed assurance in the Father’s love for us and the protection we have through the blood of Jesus.” Isaiah 43 was another source of inspiration for the track.


The band did an excellent job of communicating their hearts toward the subject matter. In the chorus, lead vocalist and guitarist Caleb sings,

“If it all goes away, You’ll still be here.

If it all goes up in flames, You’ll still be here.

So I’m not afraid to walk through the fire with You.”


CBF_Bench_2000_LoWhile the themes in this song clearly point toward the end-times prophecies, the beauty of it is that the chorus easily becomes an anthem for believers in every season of life. That regardless of our circumstances, He is with us and willing to “walk through the fire” with us.


Musically, the track begins with acoustic guitar and a piano melody. As the first chorus opens up, the music crescendos into a chorus of electric guitar leads, drums, and a great vocal mix, with tasteful use of falsetto. Acoustic guitar and piano carry throughout the song as electric guitar becomes more prominent. Their “southern” influence appears in the way the electric guitar slides and soars, but they are still distanced from many stereotypical elements that could label them “country.” While some of the other tracks on separate releases could be accurately labeled as “country,” this particular track steers confidently clear of that and fits nicely in to the “pop-rock” genre.


FBM_CBF_WTTF_Cover_LoThe single is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. You can check it out for free on Spotify, and their website. Check out the lyric video for “Walk Through The Fire” below!