Special thanks to Andrew Salib for writing this special edition of >discover.



In perhaps the most exciting feature in the history of >discover, we would like to introduce you to Epic Worship. Epic Worship is the new official name given to Epic Church’s worship team. With Epic Church approaching its 10th birthday in March of 2016, Epic Worship is technically a group that has been around for almost a decade! Although the faces, instruments, styles, and songs have changed throughout the years, our ministry has always held the same core: bringing praise to the throne of Jesus grounded in the truth of His Word, and seeking to bring heaven to earth with our music.



As our team seeks to grow in size and effectiveness, and explore new opportunities, we have sought to expand our ministry to include new facets. With that, we are excited to announce that our group has recently begun recording some of our favorite worship songs that we play on Sunday mornings, and will release our first single at this year’s Christmas Eve service! Our first release is Epic Worship’s cover of “For The Cross,” originally written and recorded by Bethel Music. For 2016 and going forward, we plan to continue recording music, eventually arriving at a small compilation of some of our favorite songs.


IMG_7283Having our worship team record music has long been a desire of many in leadership at our church. It allows us to give a piece of our ministry to visitors and attenders to take home with them. However, it was not until this autumn that the pieces really started falling into place. Our music is recorded by our own Nat Jenkins, who plays drums for our team and often co-writes the >discover articles. Nat is a young and extremely talented producer currently studying Composition At Lehigh University. With our dream and vision in place, we began recording in November, and the creative process has been nothing short of brilliant. In fact, the majority of the tracks you will hear on the upcoming release were recorded in various rooms inside the Epic Center!


With our first song set to release, we are excited about the opportunities that this opens up and are very blessed to be able to accomplish these tasks completely internally, using only regular attenders of Epic Church. All the tracks were recorded by our Epic Worship musicians, and our gorgeous logo was crafted by Becky Peluszak. As we grow in this new facet of our ministry, we are also seeking to write, record and introduce original songs at Epic Church. We hope that having our songs recorded will expand our reach by allowing us to play at other venues and events outside of our four walls. Epic Church has always housed incredible creative talent, and we are so thankful to have the ability to share the gifts and passions God has given us with the world.


Epic Worship LogoYou can hear our music on Epic Worship’s homepage, or you can get a physical copy at the Christmas Eve Service (Thursday, December 24 at 6:00 PM) or any time thereafter. We pray that you enjoy the fruits of this project, and feel free to share our music with friends and family! Thank you for your support!