This special edition of >discover features Kim Edwards who will be performing at Ground Level Cafe tomorrow, Friday, November 13th!


12233162_10205378445528483_1938300262_nIn this month’s >discover, we are featuring Kim Edwards, one of our favorite Lehigh Valley talents who has graced the stage at Epic’s Ground Level Café and will be celebrating the release of her latest EP, Lovers and Loners, at the Epic Center at 8pm on Friday, November 13th! We are pleased to present to you not only a review of the EP, but also some thoughts we gathered from the artist herself.

Kim’s musical journey began when she was four years old and would make up songs occasionally as a young child. She reminisces, “Around 12 or 13, I started really getting into composing, and for a while I thought I wanted to be a film score composer… From there, I began adding lyrics, and it eventually evolved into songwriting.” Now, years later, she has one album, two EP’s and multiple singles under her belt. Her website boasts achievements such as performing with artists Jars of Clay, Shirock, Zerbin and others; she was also featured in the NY Songwriters Circle showcase.

Right off the bat, it’s easy to recognize the way Kim’s music is inspired by artists such as Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, and Brian Wilson – all artists she loves. “What I like most about [Regina Spektor and Ingrid Michaelson] is that they write very much for themselves, and the audience gets them in their own element… I love [Brian Wilson’s] writing and the way he produced [The Beach Boys’] songs.”

Masterfully crafted, Lovers and Loners addresses the moments of love and loss we all experience at some point or another, and captures those moments perfectly. She has managed to create an EP that flows in perfect harmony from start to finish. It’s a work of art. We asked where Kim drew her inspiration from for this record specifically and she shared, “The inspiration came from a mix of personal experience and outside observation, though this record is probably my most personal one yet.” True to her statement, the songs exude honesty and transparency as she bares her heart.

The record kicks off with charming and quirky “Love” featuring Cameron Ernst. It is upbeat and hopeful, a perfect beginning to Lovers and Loners. The chorus joyfully expresses a wish,


“Cause maybe out there, somebody somewhere will fit me like a hand fits a glove;

I’ll never stop hoping, I’ll keep my eyes open for love, love, love, love, love.”


Elements of glockenspiel and playful piano inflections keep “Love” bright and cheerful. In a way, it almost sets a deceiving tone for what’s to come.

Her song “Words” begins with a pensive yet upbeat acoustic guitar track but then drops the heart-wrenching line,


“It’s okay to say you don’t love me, no, it’s nothing I didn’t already know.”


The song paints a picture of the unfortunate end to a relationship with dark lines juxtapositioned within sweet vocals that leaves the listener speechless:


“I’ll stay small, you’ll grow tall, you’ll grow bigger;

talk the talk, oh you walk the straight and the narrow;

have your fun, load the gun, but you won’t pull the trigger;

stare me down from the other end of the barrel.”


In an interview with Huffpost, Kim revealed some of the story behind this song: “At the time I was getting over the demise of a long-term friendship/relationship. I was never quite sure which it was, which is why it ended, and even though I was the one who had called it off, there was still a lot of heartache and grief on my end… ‘Words’ is filled with a lot of raw emotion, but it also articulates a lot of the ache that I felt that I didn’t otherwise know how to express – namely, it’s not about blaming or pointing fingers at what went wrong, but coming to grips with the way things are.”

In the title track “Lovers and Loners,” Kim sighs,

“So add me to your list of lovers turned to loners,

and I’ll add you to my list of things I’m getting over,”


12244223_10205378446768514_327227228_na chorus which speaks volumes. The song continues, building to a beautiful symphony of Kim’s trademark piano foundation and singing but also features soaring electric guitar, strong drums, and tasteful organ accents. The background vocals, especially in this song, are very filling and creative. The organ is very “roots rock” and gospel influenced, and was the perfect addition to the song!

Lovers and Loners is, musically and lyrically, an experience. It guides the listener through a journey with twists and turns and unexpected moments of raw emotion. Kim reveals more of her heart behind her latest release, saying, “Love and heartbreak are two universally-felt concepts (myself included), and I wanted Lovers and Loners to be that album that meets you wherever you’re at.” After one listen through these 6 beautiful songs, it’s easy to agree that Kim has achieved her mission.

You are invited to the Lovers and Loners album release party tomorrow, Friday, November 13th! The celebration starts at 8pm and is free admission for all. Food and drinks will be available at The Twist Café. Kim also has an excellent selection of merchandise for purchase. We hope to see you there!


-1Kate’s favorite song is “Love (feat. Cameron Ernst)”. Nat’s favorite songs are “The Book of Love” and “Lovers and Loners”. Kim’s music is available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay and her website.