Epic Kids

Learning Center Welcome Revised 2015

Our children’s area is not childcare, it’s an opportunity for your children to explore faith in a way they can understand. Each age group has a specifically designed curriculum to help them learn about God while you experience the main gathering.

Every Sunday morning we have a growing children’s ministry, where kids can meet God and new friends. Relax with our secure nursery area with paging system is just down the hall from the main gathering.



Q. When is the children’s area open?
A. Epic explorers (nursery), Adventurers (preschool), and Navigators (elementary) open approximately 15 minutes before the service starts and remains open for 15 minutes after the service. 2nd Story students begin in the Main Gathering, then head to the Upper Room after the opening musical worship. High School students remain in the main gathering service.

Q. This is my first time, what do I do?
A. Look above and find out which area your child(ren) will participate in. Then go to the individual pages for specific instructions. Younger children (first grade and younger), must be signed in by a parent.

Q. What if my child needs me during the service?
A. The children’s ministry area is just down stairs from the main service. Our nursery area (Epic Explorers) are connected with a parent paging system. If you child, or a children’s area worker needs you during the service, you will be paged. Children’s area workers will explain this system on your first visit.

Q: What about security?
A. All of our Children’s ministry area workers have gone through an extensive background check. We all require all Epic Explorers (nursery) and Epic Adventurers (preschool) kids to be checked in and out by a parent or guardian.

Q. What will my child be doing during the service?
A. The children’s area is a great way for kids to learn about God. During the service the children will learn a short lesson usually followed by some type of creative project to integrate the lesson. The kids also learn some songs and have a snack.