Finding Jesus In The King's Palace

By Pastor Brian

How did a book that doesn’t mention God once make its way into the Bible?

In the book of Esther, God’s people are in a bad way. They are living in exile, and Mordecai, the Jew, has ticked-off Haman, the King’s second-in-command. Not content to merely punish Mordecai, Haman plans a slaughter of all the Jews. Meanwhile, Mordecai’s cousin, Esther has been married to the king, but she is not allowed to approach the king about this situation without being summoned by him. This is where we expect God to give the king a dream, or cause a famine, or raise up a deliverer. But the author of Esther doesn’t have God take the main stage. Instead, we have a king who can’t sleep. Mordecai says that if Esther doesn’t do something, she will still perish, but there will be another deliverer.

God is implied, but remains behind the scenes. So how can we possibly find Jesus here in the king’s palace?

In John 5:39, Jesus says the scriptures point forward to Him. So where is He? In chapter 8 of Esther, we see a picture of Jesus in 4 things that are given to Mordecai, Esther, and the Jews, and one thing that is given to God:

1. The Estate of Haman: Just as God gave the promised land that once belonged to the Canaanites to the Isrealites, the king gives the estate of Haman to Esther. She in turn appoints Mordecai to rule over it. When Jesus returns, He will give the earth to those called by his name.
2. Access to the King: Esther put her life on the line by approaching the king unsummoned, and in doing so, provided access to the king’s throne for Mordecai. Because God is holy, we cannot approach His throne, but because Jesus laid down His life for us, we have access to the King of heaven and Earth.
3. Influence: Mordecai and Esther’s access to the throne room gives them influence. They are able to influence the way the new legislation is written, but we also see another sign of favor. It is the whole city of Susa that rejoices, not just the Jews.
4. Royal Garments: Having been in the King’s presence, Mordecai is clothed in royal robes and a crown. Jesus declares Himself to be the bride groom of the church. And His bride is clothed in fine linen.

We also see a fifth result of God’s work through Esther: the nations come to God. We read in verse 17 that many people in the country declared themselves to be Jewish. They most likely did this to avoid the earthly consequences of being against the Jewish people, but by doing so, they would begin to learn about a God who is faithful to His promises even when working behind the scenes.

Pastor Brian



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