If you’ve got kids, they undoubtedly love Mac & Cheese.  On returning today from vacation we made a pit stop for dinner.  The place we decided on for dinner was not to one of my sons liking, so he decided not to order.  The other one picked Mac & Cheese with fries.  Of course when dinner arrived, the one who decided not to order became incredibly hungry.  Thinking it was a good time to teach a lesson, we reminded him that he did not want to order anything so the bread sticks on the table would have to suffice.  He asked his brother to share the Mac & Cheese, but of course he refused.   I quietly reminded him that we were not going to order him Mac and Cheese since he refused to order a few moments earlier.  I did suggest to him that he should pray that his brother might decide to share.  He did pray quietly (and without his brother’s knowing) and wiola, the brother with the Mac & Cheese was now full with a half plate left to share.

God we thank you that you give us our daily Mac and Cheese, even when we originally know that we would want or need it.