So this is yet another story of our amazing God.  As Hurricane Irene approached the Valley, I was fairly confident.  Our basement does not leak, we live on high ground, we have a garage for the cars and not really any large trees in our yard.  We spent Saturday morning moving any potential projectiles into the garage.  I even transported the Epic Church van to a strategic location that would be away from any large trees that may fall in the neighborhood.  I thought the only problem may be a power outage, but we adjusted the freezer and refrigerator temperatures down to withstand it.  I love the sound of rain and and slept soundly as it pounded the outside of our house.  At about 2 AM I awoke to discover our ceiling was leaking and starting to pool on the bed.  It was a rapid drip and I was concerned because there was really no way to fix it.  Our 100 year old roof was missing a slate and the result was a constant rapid drip into our room.  I obviously could not go on the roof to fix it, and there is no attic access in that area to place a bucket.  With no solution for the leak, we grabbed a towel, placed a bucket and prayed that God would work things out.  With a bucket and towel now occupying my space in bed, I headed for the couch.  Upon my arrival I peered out the window to fix my eyes on the drenching rain and gusting winds.  News from the weather channel confirmed my fears.  Large bands of rain headed our way with no signs of letting up.  I found it hard to sleep because I knew another 5 hours of dripping would certainly bring down the ceiling.  I considered some approaches and about an hour later headed upstairs to assess the situation and drill a relief hole for the water.  As I unloaded my gear onto my bed, Lori perked up and asked what I was doing.  “Trying to fix the leak”, I replied.  She gently rolled over and said the leak had stopped as soon as we prayed and I headed downstairs.  Wow, we serve an amazing God who is not only able to still the wind and waves, he is also able to stop the leak.