Without fail, as soon as I put on my shoes and grab my keys, I have a shadow.  My shadow is much smaller than I am and is infinitely cuter. My shadow is my daughter.  She loves outings.  It doesn’t really matter where I’m going; work, errands or visits.  She wants to go with me.  And truth be told I really like having her along.  I think that’s because she just wants to be with me.  She wants to be involved in what I’m doing.  She wants to help in whatever way she can.  As a little one, sometimes that’s not much, but I try to find things for her to do.  I’ll take something out of a box, just so she can help me carry it.  Yesterday I made her carry the whole box. “It’s heavy Daddy!” she complains.  I reply “Can you go put it down by the door?  I’ll take it from there.”  She puts the box by the wrong door.  I don’t care.  I’m with my daughter and she’s with me.  I’m happy.

This is what God is looking for.  God is a father looking for daughters and sons.  He desires daughters and sons who simply want to be with Him.  In 1 Kings 4-9 Solomon builds a temple for the Name of the LORD.  There are lots of little details that go into a project like that, but don’t miss the heart of the project, which is  . . . the heart.  In chapter 9 following the dedication of the temple God visits Solomon and declares that His heart will be there among his people.  And he makes a request that Solomon’s heart would be with Him.  Yes, God wants Solomon and the people of Israel to follow His rules (what father doesn’t) but what he longs for is more than their outward obedience.  God longs for their heart.  Should God’s people reject their father, God will reject His temple. So that the nations will know that what God seeks isn’t a building, offerings or laborers.  God is looking for daughters and sons. Children who delight in Him, trust in Him and desire to be with Him.

So today, when God gives you something that is too heavy to carry, draw near to him.  When God asks you to do something mundane and boring, do it.  You’re not doing it alone, you’re doing it with the God we call father.  Let us look around and see when God is picking up his keys and heading out into the world.  It doesn’t really matter where He’s going, does it?  As long as we can go with Him.