Good Food, Good Meat, Good God, Let's Eat

By Pastor Brian

family-eating-at-the-table-619142_1920At one point I stopped saying “grace”.  No it wasn’t at a low point in my faith journey.  Quite the opposite.  I read Matthew 6:7 – “And when you pray, do not heap up empty phrases as the Gentiles do …”. I became convicted that when I said grace, it was an empty ritual.  So I stopped.  And then I started again, because I began to see a time of grace for what it really is: a time of grace.  Rituals are inherently empty, but so are boxes.  What matters is what we put inside them.  I began to say grace not as an obligation, but as an opportunity.  In the midst of a busy day, here was a moment to slow down and get with God.  In the midst of striving, here was an opportunity to be thankful for what I have.

We wouldn’t eat one day a week.  Our anatomy can certainly store calories for a while, but we do get hungry. So we develop rhythms for eating.  Should we do any less with our worship?  Thankfulness and dependence on God are attitudes which can sustain us and give us peace.  When do we worship?  Not just on Sunday, but throughout the week?  Rather than thinking about obligations are we thinking about opportunities?  Each week the Navigators kids come home with a Parent Cue.  This hand out (also available on the app) gives prompts for turning meal time, drive time, and bed times into worship times.

Now when I pray before meals my focus isn’t on doing the right thing or blessing the food, instead I focus on I Jesus and what He has done for me.

Pastor Brian