Left for a meeting this morning and just let Nuvi (GPS) guide me there.  I’ve been to this spot several times, but wasn’t quite sure of the turn by turn so I just let the GPS guide me.   As I got started Nuvi was quite chatty getting me going in the right direction, however as I got further along she became somewhat silent.  Mostly because I was on the right path and didn’t need any further guidance.  It was more than a time or two that I checked to make sure she was still alive (was not plugged in but on battery power).  Sure enough she was there in the seat next to me just waiting for the right moment to give me the next turn.  She never gave me the turn ahead of time, just moments before I needed to make it.  I trusted her for the destination, but there were several times when I questioned her path.  Ironically I came across numerous intersections where I could have veered off course, but I guess she just trusted my instinct to stay on the right path.  If I ever did veer off the path, she was quick to remind me and get me back on track.  The only bummer about trusting her was that I had to turn down the radio on more that one occasion to hear her.  I wonder if God and Nuvi have a bit in common?