Somehow I got the job of crawling around all the hard-to-reach places in the Epic Center, which used to be an American Legion Hall.   Today as I was in the old generator room I stumbled across the maintenance logs.  Log was started in 1976 and from 1976 to 1980 the generator was checked every two months. How long did it run? Was it able to power the building? Did the building switch to the generator automatically? Then in 1981 The records stop. I did find one note on a separate pad of paper that the generator was tested in 1993. It kind of makes me wonder what happened in 1981. Did they just stop keeping records? Did the one guy responsible for the generator leave?

I have a maintenance log too.  It’s called a journal.  I can look back and see how I was doing.  It gives me an idea of where I’ve come from.  It reminds me of what things are like when I’m growing closer to God.  But I find that when life presses in . . . . there are gaps in the journal.  Sometimes long gaps.  For me praying to the Father through journaling is more than mere record keeping.  It’s a tool I use to keep focused in prayer.  In the generator maintenance log there was page upon page that were lined with columns for the key questions.  How are things running?  Are they working?  Are we staying on top of maintenance.

How about us.  How are we doing.  Are we growing more anxious . . . or more faithful?  Are we growing kinder or crankier?  Are we becoming more generous or more selfish?

Perhaps it’s time we pulled out our owners manual (The Bible) and our Maintenance Log (Journal)  and did a checkup.  I think that the old legion guys were on to something.  If we check ourselves a couple of times every month, we’ll be better prepared for real situations life throws at us.