Mark Lomastro Friday 061215“Last week, I was sitting in church listening to [evangelist] Jonathan Shuttlesworth speaking about how Jesus told the apostles to appoint people to help them in church so they wouldn’t have to do all the work themselves. It got me thinking about [how] our pastors do so much, and they shouldn’t have to do everything. They should be focusing on being pastors, and not have to worry about mopping floors, setting up chairs. I felt a tug on my heart to take some of the load off their backs so they can focus on preaching and leading the church. This is how I felt called.

“What gets me most excited about the Holy Spirit is knowing that He has amazing plans not only for myself, but for the church, and that He gives us power and uses us for His will. I’ve seen people get lit on fire with the Spirit, and it gives me the most incredible feeling of joy. You feel this push, and its God giving you inspiration to do something on the earth rather than just sit in church, listen to a message, and go home. It’s really cool to see how He has many ways in working in us, and it never ends.

“I came to Epic through a strangely specific chain of events. It was divine appointment. I really liked the first few services I visited, but it was the first church where I felt like I belonged to a community, rather sitting in a pew listening to someone talk. That is only reinforced more and more every week I’m here. I’m involved in the church, I’m volunteering. It’s a great community of believers who support and reinforce each other, and I’m very blessed to have this family in Christ around me.”