In our first Ministry Team Spotlight, we spoke to Nancy Schlegel about the team she leads every Sunday morning:

the Brew Team.


Brew Team What does the “Brew Team” do? The Brew Team helps contribute to the welcoming atmosphere for visitors, guests, and regular Epic attenders by providing hot & cold beverages. Members of the Brew Team brew the coffee, set up the coffee bar before service, and clean up the coffee bar and equipment after service.

What is the purpose of the Brew Team? We hope to encourage people to connect over a cup of coffee.

How does brewing coffee serve the Kingdom of God? Serving God means using your spiritual gifts in whatever area of ministry you enjoy.  Brewing coffee helps provide for our visitors, guests, and regular Epic attenders opportunities for fellowship before the service, and to add to the overall worship experience.

What type of person would make a good fit for the Brew Team? The person should be someone who enjoys working behind the scenes, able to be at church by 8:45 on their scheduled days, a team player, reliable, and willing to perform their duties in such a way that contributes to the WOW factor at Epic Church on a Sunday morning.

If the Brew Team sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, you can sign up here!