In this Ministry Team Spotlight, we asked Art Hutcheson about the people behind the scenes that make up the Tech Team.


What does the “Tech Team” do? The tech team handles the running of both lights and sound [and visuals] for the entire service.

What is the purpose of the Tech Team? The mission is to provide the best possible atmosphere for people to be able to worship, pray, and hear God through all parts of our service.

How does running the soundboard serve the Kingdom of God? We are called to give our best effort to God in all things. Running lights, sound, and video well add to the overall experience [so] that the message from God is not missed [due to] distractions.

What type of person would make a good fit for the Tech Team? We are looking for people who want [to assist in creating] the best service possible so as to reach the most people possible. We will train any man or woman who is interested.


If the Tech Team sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, you can sign up here!