So yesterday was the first day of Hanukkah.  Hanukkah is the celebration of God’s miraculous provision.  The israelites had just defeated their enemy and rededicated the temple, but they had a problem.  Part of the rededication ceremony was restoring the power.  Well candlepower.  They wanted to relight the candelabra, but only had one days worth of oil.  It would take 7 more days to purify another batch of oil to continue the burning.  So did they wait until the other oil was ready?  No, they used what they had and trusted that God would provide the rest.  The miracle is that the candle continued to burn for 7 additional days with only 1 days worth of oil.

So last night I went to the Epic church storage unit.  Since it was dark, I used the head-lights from the van to light the unit.  After wrapping up a phone call, I completed the unloading of the van… you can probably guess where this was going.  I got back in the van to drive off and realized that although the lights were still on, the battery was too far drained to start the van.  What to do?  I tried my cell to call for a jump and realized that it too was dead after my many phone calls yesterday.  I turned off all the lights and radio in the van, prayed and waited a few minutes hoping that battery would recharge.  I turned the key to reveal the dreaded “click”.  I repeated the process once again with the same outcome.  I figured it was getting late (almost 10 PM) so I better start walking.  I walked back to the entrance gate, entered the code and prayed it would still open (the gate locks at 9 PM).  The gate opened, but for some reason I felt compelled to go back to the van.  I walked back, praying all the way and decided to give it one last try.  Got in, turned the key, CLICK.  UUrg, but for some reason I decided to immediately repeat the process and the van came to life.  Not sure if that moment was about persevering in prayer, trusting God, seeing how I would react, or enjoying a short walk.  Whatever the purpose, I know that my God has the power to give my battery a supernatural boost to restart the engine.  May your engine be restarted this Christmas season!