What is Epic?

You can tell a lot about a community by what they value. From the beginning we decided that we were going to be a church that gives instead of a church that gets. Our first check was cut to a local non-profit. We valued being a place that people would feel comfortable to explore faith, so our first purchase was not a building, a projector or sound system, but rather a fully automatic espresso machine.

If you’re looking for a creative, fun and practical answers to life’s big questions, this is the place for you. Come and meet other people on a similar journey of faith.

Meet us each week at 10:00 AM at the Epic Center in Fountain Hill.

Check out the About us page for more information

what to expect:

We’re an eclectic group of artists, entrepreneurs, students, working people and jobless that gathers to make a difference in the community. Some of us dress up (because we like dressing up) and some of us wear jeans and sneakers (because we like to wear jeans and sneakers.) If you are looking for a church that is creative, casual, fun, meets in an art gallery and enjoys good coffee, we might be the place for you.

Oh yes, you can expect to hear good music, a relevant Bible based message with a theatrical delivery, and some interesting conversation.

why epic?

Throughout history many great stories have been written, but there is one story that is not just calling to be read, it’s waiting to be lived. You are part of one of the greatest stories ever written, God’s story. Each of us has a part in that story, our own chapter. Epic church is about helping people discover their place in God’s story and live it out.

What’s your story?