Ruth Mann Friday 061915“I was raised in a Christian home, which was a blessing. I remember always hearing about God and about fearing Him. I remember my parents telling me about Him coming back and how I needed to accept Jesus as my Savior, because if He came back I would be left here and they would go to heaven. I was about nine years old when they sat me down and prayed with me, and I accepted Jesus into my heart. At that age, you don’t have a full understanding of everything, and when I was about thirteen, I did have a hard heart toward the Lord and I went through a stage of rebellion and wanting to fit in. I just remember my parents wanting me to go to this retreat center, Blue Mountain Christian Retreat, which I really did not want to go to at first. The minister was really funny and grabbed my attention so I continued going to the services, and through that, I started getting a hunger for God again in my life. After I graduated from high school, I attended Valley Forge Christian College. There, a friend and I decided we were going to get up early every day to pray for an hour and read our Bibles for an hour. We did it for a while and something happened. There was a change inside of me, and I began to feel conviction about various things and growing [in my relationship with God].

“God put it on my heart to do a VBS this summer at Epic. I thought, ‘God, I’m not a leader, I’m just a helper,’ or at least that’s just how I feel. I’m excited about it, but nervous. Everyone’s telling me that God enables what He commands. I need to be so dependent on God, because I wouldn’t know what I’m doing on my own.”