Sarah Lindemuth Thursday 073115“I was in the Physician Assistant program at DeSales University, and while I was there, I got a youth internship with the youth pastor at Calvary. I wasn’t a Christian at the time so he just knew that I had administrative and organizational skills and he needed someone to come and revamp the database. He heard about me through a friend at the church. I took it on because I could do the hours I wanted, and it was supposed to be a two to four week job. Two to four weeks turned into six weeks, which turned into four months, and before I knew it, it was six months. And during those six months, I slowly and incrementally accumulated more responsibilities. First, I would drive kids to certain events, and then I would volunteer at the event. Eventually, I was on a mission trip at New York, NY with the kids. At this point, I loved being with the kids, but I didn’t understand the whole God thing. I just thought that going would be fulfilling. I love hands-on jobs and working with kids.

“While there, I felt a little guilty and felt that my job conflicted with my lifestyle. One night, I remember sitting with a group of kids after the worship service to debrief, and a bunch of kids stood up, came up to me, and told me that they loved me. In that moment, I was just blown away that God’s love seemed so real and I understood what love was for the first time. I don’t think it had anything to do with the kids as much as it did with just seeing God’s love. That’s when I became a Christian. Through that experience, I realized how much I wanted to continue to see how God works through the next generation speaking through kids and see how He draws people through youth, students, and even to children. That’s why I decided to switch to youth ministry. I fell in love with God and fell in love with kids. So I dropped out of the Physician Assistant Program and spent a year working in youth ministry and figuring out what I wanted to do. From there, I continued to Eastern University and have been studying Education down here.

“One of the things I’m really excited about [while interning at Epic] is being plugged in with the community, and working with the community that helped raised me. I love that Epic is about three blocks from where I grew up and how it is so involved in the community. Ideally, [my job will be] to raise up the next generation in Christ and to send out disciples. I think kids are the greatest investment we can make as Christians, and to pour into them is so important. My hope is that we pour in and create disciples to send out, and I see a lot of that through children and youth ministry. I’m also looking forward to be involved in after school programs in the community.”