According to a recent ABC news article, a family came upon some hard times and was set to loose their longtime family home to foreclosure .  While they were cleaning out the basement to prepare for the impending eviction, someone noticed a significant treasure buried in a stack of old comic magazines.  Fortunately for the homeowners, the helper recognized this as a unique find among the collection.  It turns out that stored in the homeowners basement was a copy of Action Comics No.1.   Dated June 1938, this was the first comic in which the iconic superman appears.  This monumental magazine marked the dawn of a new age of superheros, thus increasing it’s collectible value.   Although, the original cost only a dime to purchase in 1938, this rare copy now has a value estimated to be worth more than $250,000.  The magazine is set to be auctioned on Comicconnect from Aug. 27th – Sept 17 and it’s proceeds are expected to save the family home.

It’s stories like these that remind me that the story is not over until it’s over.  I can’t imagine how this family was feeling during the process of packing up their family home only to later realize that it would ultimately be saved.  I am not sure that superman cares much for the unnamed family, but I do know that God cares for them and us much more than we can imagine.