SOE Tami Hanzo-Vassa 1-82216“I grew up catholic. I went to catholic school, missing church most Sundays. After I made my confirmation in 7th grade, I stopped going to church all together. I didn’t believe what they did, and I didn’t even know what I believed. My freshman year of high school my boss, Emily Close, brought me to Epic Church and introduced me to everyone. That very first week, I fell in love with the Epic.


“For the next few years I never missed a week, I went to all the youth events, falling more and more in love with not only the church, but with God. During these years I went through hard times medically and emotionally. God did amazing things in my life and even with those things, I began to lose faith during college. I stopped going to church for almost a year and did what I wanted, things I am ashamed of and wish I could take back. I continued going to Bible study every week to see friends and keep up with them, but I had no interest in what was going on.

SOE Tami Hanzo-Vassa 2-82416

“About a year ago, I told Pastor Brian and Andrew I was leaving Epic and walking away from everything they helped me build. Of course that never happened. Brian put me on media for a six-week rotation and if in the end, I wanted to leave, we would talk. After the 6 weeks were over and I got reacquainted with everyone, I couldn’t leave….


SOE Tami Hanzo-Vassa 3-82616“Over the past year I got into a relationship I shouldn’t have and I haven’t made progress as to where I want to be with God. Now that I am out of the relationship, I am getting to where I need to be with God and where He wants me.


“‘Take courage, it is I. Don’t be afraid.’ Matthew 14:27”