The Gospel According to Politicians

By Pastor Brian

I use political candidates to teach my kids about faith. Seriously. I’ll play a clip from a rally or interview, and I’ll ask my kids, “What’s wrong with this statement?” I know, I know, “separation of church and state”, “commander-in-chief not pastor-in-chief”, etc. But I think it’s important to listen to the faith articulation of politicians because usually they are trying to mirror the faith of a particular electorate. In this way, politicians reflect the publicly perceived face of the church. So what do we look like?

We’re good people.
We’re sincere.
We’re bigots.
We want the world to adopt our morality.

This isn’t the Gospel.

According the Gospel we can’t be good enough.
According to the Gospel we can be sincerely wrong.
According the Gospel we should love even our enemies, let alone people who are different from us.

The politicians see people who appease God with their good works. In the Gospel we are saved by Jesus’ good work, and our works are an expression of gratitude to Him. Unlike politicians, we’re not called to mirror our culture but Jesus. Paul puts it this way “For those He foreknew He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son” (Romans 8:29).

So how do we reflect the Son? We need to turn to Jesus. Jesus needs to be the source of our morality, the source of our faith, and the source of our love. Not merely as an example to be emulated, but as a Savior, King, and Friend. When we turn to Jesus we will begin to reflect Him out into the world. Today when we watch the news, let’s ask ourselves, what are we reflecting? If we’re reflecting a “Jesus-less” religion, it’s time to turn off the news and turn to the Gospels.

Pastor Brian