The Importance of Pronouns

By Pastor Brian

“Do you know what YOUR son did?” says an aggravated mother.  The father knows it wasn’t something good. If it was, she would have said “OUR” son.  That little “y” makes all the difference.


As we read through Genesis with the E100 Challenge, we saw the same distinction emerge with God.  In Genesis 27:20, Jacob refers to the LORD as “your God.”  It is not until 20:21 Jacob says, “Then the LORD shall be my God.” Jacob shifts from the LORD being propositional to the LORD being personal.


I saw this same shift when I served as a leader with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  Freshmen would arrive at school with “the faith of their fathers.” One of my goals as a leader was to help them shift to a place where they didn’t go to church because of their earthly parents, but because of their Heavenly Parent.  At some point, it’s up to us to own our own faith.  At some point, we become responsible for cultivating our own relationship with Jesus.  Jesus isn’t just the LORD, but He’s my LORD.  What helps us move from “the” to “my”?


From Jacob’s story, we see He acts on the words of blessing.  God speaks through Isaac.  Jacob moves in faith.  And Jacob encounters God.  It’s interesting: most of the encounters with God we see, happen away from the stuff we call “ours.” Jacob was outside Bethel.  Moses was in the desert. Joseph was sold into slavery.  In the midst of these times, God showed up.  With nothing in their hands, they were able to reach out, take hold and say this is “my God”.


Pastor Brian