Urgent Community Need

Make a Difference in the Lives of Two Fountain Hill Families

Today we received an email from Fountain Hill Elementary School’s Community Director: two families were discharged from their stay at a local shelter after being forced to leave their homes with nothing.  They are looking for donations of the following items to help:
Microwave (1)
Small appliances (toaster, coffee pot, hot plate)
Cookware (pots, pans)
Dishes and utensils
Mattresses or air mattresses
Bedding (sheets, blankets, pillows)
Bath towels
Diapers (size 5) and wipes
Books/ toys for the children

Clothing in the following sizes:
Girl (age 3) — 4T/ 5 in shirts and pants, 10 in children’s shoes
Girl (age 5) — 10 in shirts and pants, 1.5 in children’s shoes
Girl (age 6) — 7 in shirts and pants, 11.5/12 in children’s shoes
Girl (age 8) — 7 in shirts and pants, 1 in children’s shoes

If you’d like to donate any of these items, please email Pastor Brian at Brian@LivingTheStory.com.