What is the soundtrack of your life?  What are the tunes that summarize what’s going on in your head?  Music is powerful.  Sometimes we pick songs that express what we’re thinking and feeling and sometimes we choose songs in order to change our perspective.  How many times has music hit me right between the eyes?  This is part of why we sing on Sunday mornings.  Many times I’ll go home singing one of the songs from our gathering.  It’s a way for me to carry the message with me through out the week.

BUT . . . don’t you just hate it when you can’t remember all the words.  To help out with that Epic is going to link to some resources that can renew and refresh you through the music we use at our galleries.  Looking for a particular song? hum a few bars and write down what you can in the comments below.  Do you remember the date?  We can look up the songs from past weeks as well.

An excellent worship resource that we’ll be pointing back to a lot is worshiptogether.com In addition to music you’ll find devotions on worship and other resources.

So last week we had:

Enjoy and keep singing.